Razer launches the Phantom Wolverine V2 gamepad

Razer has dispatched another gamepad named Razer Phantom Wolverine V2, which is supposed to be uncommonly worked for Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and S game reassure. The gamepad is planned so that can bring higher exactness and game control. The gamepad conveys a sticker price of 899 yuan (~$136) and is by and by accessible on Razer’s online shop.

The Phantom Wolverine V2 receives an ergonomic L-molded hold plan with a non-slip elastic grasp groove for an agreeable hold while guaranteeing that players can switch fastens strongly and precisely. The handle additionally utilizes a wired association configuration to guarantee a convenient reaction.

The gamepad handle utilizes Razer’s mechanical material activity keys and bolt keys to bring a delicate touch and brisk reaction to setting off. The front of the handle is likewise outfitted with 2 multi-work catches, which can be remapped through the driver. The lower part of the handle is likewise furnished with two slide lock catches, which can enact the “touchy trigger” mode and abbreviate the keystroke of the two fundamental trigger catches.

Moreover, the Phantom Wolverine V2 is additionally furnished with a 3.5mm sound interface at the lower part of the handle, which can be straightforwardly associated with earphones. Through the Razer XBox handle design master, you can remap the multi-work fastens and trigger catches, change the affectability slider, and different activities, which is more adaptable.

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