10 Commandments Of Playground Safety

10 Commandments Of Playground Safety

Playground safety is an ideal that every playground builder should always keep in mind. After all, the wellbeing of the children who will get to play in your playground should never be compromised. Playground safety is more than just an ideology, however. It should be a commitment that every playground builder must be willing to make.

Here are the 10 commandments that will ensure effective playground safety.

1. The playground should be situated in a flat land mass. Unnecessary elevations will just increase the risk of injuries.

2. The playground should be surrounded by trees or other structures that will provide some shade to the playground itself. Exposure to direct sunlight should be kept at a minimum, as the delicate skin and bodies of children make them susceptible to many heat-related injuries such as sunburns, dehydration, skin irritation and even heatstroke.

3. The playground should have benches where parents or guardians can stay to promote supervision of the children while they play. Adult supervision is a rule that should always, always be followed in the playground.

4. The ground where the playground will be built should be reinforced with rubber mulches. Rubber mulches will ensure that the surface will be soft and bouncy, and will cushion any unfortunate fall that the children might suffer. Rubber mulches, being anti-slip, will also ensure that no accidental slippage will happen.

5. Ideally, a water fountain should be built near the playground.

6. Playground equipment should carefully be selected. Not all playground equipment can be considered safe. It always depends on the age range targeted by the playground you have in mind. The height of the equipment is of the essence. They shouldn’t be too high for the average height of the age range you’re targeting.

7. Remember, you can’t please every kid in the world. Trying to do so will only court disaster. Choose an age range and stick with it.

8. The corners of the playground equipment should be checked for sharp edges. These can potentially injure the children who will play in your playground.

9. The surface of the playground equipment should likewise be checked for roughness. Very rough edges can cause wounds or skin irritation to the children who will get exposed to the said equipments.

10. As much as possible, choose playground equipment that is made of rustproof material. Rust is your number one enemy, especially if you’re going to maintain an outdoor playground.

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